Project Fedra

What is FA?

Supporting responsible parenting means creating conditions for each single new life to be welcomed when entering the world. While everybody agrees that each new baby is a blessing, its arrival can also be disruptive for the parents, as it generates a large set of new chores, practical and relational duties. Responsible parents are a couple or family that has the resources to actively decide when to welcome a new baby, based on their desire, psychological status, and economic situation. Responsible parents are able to proactively create the best conditions for a newborn.

Consequently, a widespread culture of responsible parenting can generate more balanced and sustainable families and less critical upbringing situations for children. This will on the one hand reduce the social costs of unwanted pregnancies or difficult family situations (including forced single parenting, etc.), and on the other, it will offer better upbringing conditions to tomorrow’s youth. Also, promoting responsible parenting is a way to oppose the constant decrease of births that Europe has been experiencing for over a decade.

Making responsible decisions in parenting depends on many social, economical and psychological variables, but one element is central: fertility awareness (FA). Being aware of how sexuality works (physiology of fertility), of its values (personal beliefs about sexuality, and potential inter-couple conflicts due to, e.g., different cultures or habits), along with knowledge of means to regulate it are a requisite of responsible parenting.